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Our Founders

MEGA is an acronym for the founders 

Miguel Elio Guillermo Arturo 


Our story 

Founded in 2002, MEGA-Lite is a family-owned company focused on developing cutting-edge, quality gear and providing outstanding service. We showcase our products throughout the United States and Internationally  at industry trade-shows.

Our products are sold world wide  through an expanding distribution network and team of sales representatives.  Over the years we have become one of the leading producer of professional lighting fixtures for entertainment and architectural installations.

We make LED stage lighting, architectural color changing fixtures and lighting control software, catering to the needs of houses of worship, theaters, tours, installs and much more. 

MEGA-Lite is an acronym for the four founding brothers The four brothers Manage the company equally all heading specific departments and coming together to Sell, Market,  Service and Develop New products.  


The brothers are extremely grateful and aware that without the MEGA women the company would not be as successful as it is.  Marisol  Cabada manages the accounting and HR functions of the company keeping us all balanced and paid on time, Judith Cabada controls all gear coming in and out of our facilities. Isabel Cabada manages our finest assets our customers. Without them and our amazing team we would not be able to assist you. Remember at mega we are all family including you!

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